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Vocal College Preparatory Program

Prepare for your college auditions and career

with Sunshine Music Studios!


What you'll experience


College-level music degree programs are academically and artistically challenging. The Vocal College Preparatory Program is designed to prepare voice students who are interested in pursuing a degree in voice or musical theatre for the rigor of a college program. In this 13-week course, each voice student receives: 

  • one 60-minute voice lesson per week

  • one audition class per week

  • one art of the business class per week

  • audition technique training

  • resume building courses

  • college audition process guidance

This course allows students to explore whether or not a music degree program is right for them. After completing this course, students will feel ready to take on the college application and audition process with confidence. 

The next course begins this fall. Cost: $1,000

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